About Ando

Message from the Managing Director

Mr. Ado Maimu

Since its incorporation as a Private Limited Company in 1999, Ando Roofing Company Limited has been involved in many roofing, decorative coating and light steel structural works in Tanzania. In the past, the Company has been focused on developing its core competency in the roofing industry. Progressively, the Ando Brand has demonstrated a consistent feat of growth in organizational capacity, size, complexity and variety of the roofing, decorative coating and steel structural works that it undertakes. As it stands, our company is regarded by its esteemed customers, clients and partners as a reliable brand that ensures the deliverance of optimum value for a given outlay of investment.
Thanks to our customers and other partners, today we are a popular brand in the market. In recent years, our company has been diversifying its focus into nurturing its manpower and diverting its resources into specialising into designing and manufacturing of prefabricated steel structures for industrial, commercial and residential purposes.
In line with its unswerving quest for growth, Ando profoundly recognizes the need to align its services and products with international standards and there by becoming a globally recognized and acceptable brand. In this regard, the company has embarked upon the implementation of a five a year strategic business plan that envisions achieving a multitude of clearly defined corporate core objectives.
I’ve seen our business go through some significant changes throughout my leadership as Ando’s Managing Director. However, one thing has always remained constant – our unstinting commitment to our customers. The needs of our clients have always been at the heart of our achievements.
As of date, I am proud to say that with our permanent team of engineers, designers, technicians, HSE, Quality Control, Production, office personnel and in tandem with the general workers, welders and rebar specialists that we have under our wing, we are well equipped to handle any large scale project that is required of us, industrial, commercial or otherwise.
We have invested heavily in training at every level of the company, from apprentices through to directors, to ensure that our team is the best in the industry. I can honestly say that the team we have in place today is the strongest we’ve ever had, and that is something I’m very proud of.
We recognize that our company needs to align itself with the prevailing pace especially on technology to be able to meet international roofing and manufacturing standards, enhance its market share and revenue, diversify its business portfolio and build institutional capacity in terms of manufacturing technology, human resource, project management and finance.
My team and I are committed to ensuring that alongside our commercial aims we also prioritise being good corporate citizens and these values run throughout the company, in our people, procedures and attitudes.
I would like to take this opportunity to call up our esteemed employees, customers, consultants, suppliers, subcontractors, stakeholders and partners to keep on working together and contribute their level best towards the achievement of our company’s core objectives We will continue to grow and offer our clients better products and quality services all the time. I look forward to the future with great excitement.