How We Work

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is defined as a set of procedures designed to ensure that quality standards and processes are adhered to, that the final product meets or exceeds the required technical and performance requirements.

Quality assurance is oriented towards prevention of quality short comings with the main aim of minimizing the risk of making mistakes in the first place, therefore avoiding the necessity for rework, repair or reject.

The quality assurance department will always provide assurance to our clients that the standard of workmanship within the company’s premises are of the highest level of quality and that all the products leaving the industry are above a certain minimum level of specification as required by law all other factors constant. This department directly oversees and coordinates the planning, implementation, and supervision of the project quality control plan. It will also review the entire documentation and physical inspection phase of the work flow process and working with other in-house personnel (Directors, Managers, Department heads, Supervisors, etc.) to produce and document a quality product.

Our commitment to maintaining strict quality controls in the field not only results in a superior product, but also minimizes costly delays and resulting expenses on a project.