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Marble Wall Coating

Marble wall coatings comes in variety of colors and combination. The new Ando Marble Wall coating system offers the following features
 - The best water resistant for the substrate.
 - Protects and preserves substrate.
 - Chemical adhesion factor
 - Fire proof
 - Minimum dirt retention.
 - No Crack, No shrinkage.
 - Self curing.
 - Weather resistant.
 - Superior abrasion factor.
 - Variety patterns can be achieved

Marble Wall Coating

The new Ando Marble Wall coating is a mixture of selected and graded natural stone and resin transparent binder which offers aesthetically pleasing colors and protection of substrate .

Ando Decor Plaster

Ando Decor Plaster is made from high quality resin binder and marble powder with thickness control chips suitable for both interior and exterior use . The resin binder is made based on a proprietary polymeric system that ensures superior adhesion, excellent resistance to UV rays, alkali and weather