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How to estimate the roofing cost of your home.


Are you thinking of building a new roof for your home? Or just looking to make some renovations to your old one? If you’re trying to come up with a budget for such a project, keep in mind that the price range is different for every project. This is very important because a new roof is an investment that every owner has to make a few times in the long run.

Here are some of the factors to consider when looking to get an estimate of the roof repair or replacement;

  • Roof size

The size of your home directly impacts the cost of your roofing estimate. The larger the surface area you need to cover; the more materials you are going to need for the project, this includes plywood, roofing solutions and extra materials.

  • Roof slope

Residential roofs may have a steep slope, low slope or a combination of both. Generally speaking, the steeper the slope the more expensive your roofing project will be. This is typically due to safety reasons as contractors will need extra equipment while they work on your roof.

  • Design & shape

This mainly refers to the architectural design of the roof you want; the more complex the design of your roof the larger the estimate for your roofing project since there will be an increase of materials needed to create the design for your roofing project.

  • Project details

This includes all the information regarding your project; when will it start, payment terms, materials used, labor, permits, how long will it take to complete the project? These details play a role in the estimate of your roofing project.

  • Ventilation

If it so happens that your roof requires more ventilation, then installing new vents may increase the estimate of your roofing project.

  • Warranty

Some companies may offer extended warranties to customers that can be purchased separately from the standard roofing materials warranty, which can automatically add up to the total; estimate of the entire project.

  • Waste factor

This is exceptional to roofing projects that require removal and disposal of existing roofing materials, your contractor may add disposal fees to the total estimate of the project.

NOTE: If a company fails to give you a roof estimate with actual numbers for your budget or does so but without writing anything down, we advise you to look for a different company that actually cares enough to go into details with their clients about their project.